Neucruit facilitates the study of Alcohol Dependence in Isolation

Neucruit facilitates the study of Alcohol Dependence in Isolation


This client is an innovative health company making medicine more proactive.


Finding respondents to answer surveys regarding alcohol consumption at different points during  COVID-19 lockdowns


Neucruit provided the patient recruitment tools to identify potential participants and expedite patient recruitment


Neucruit successfully promoted the study and managed to recruit study participants fitting the research criteria

About the client

The client is a public research group based in the city of Liverpool. It comprises three faculties organised into 35 departments and schools. It is a founding member of the Russell Group and the N8 Group for research collaboration.

"Neucruit supported a timely and efficient recruitment process"​

Using Neucruit to accelerate research 

International and UK data suggested that lockdowns have impacted alcohol consumption. In the UK, alcohol purchasing increased in the weeks prior to the first lockdown (March 2020), suggesting stockpiling behaviour.The research group approached Neucruit to find participants to assess the impact of COVID-19 lockdowns on drinking behaviour.

Soon after being approached by the study coordinator, Neucruit deployed its recruitment acceleration tools and contributed to the recruitment of 539 participants.

About Neucruit

Neucruit is a global platform that uses real-time data to help biopharmaceutical companies, site teams, and investigators enhance clinical research planning and delivery through intelligent analytics on the patient journey. Furthermore, Neucruit combines unique patient insights with longitudinal clinical data to optimise site selection patient recruitment and gain insights that can’t be easily accessed through traditional methods. If you want to know more about us and our work, please contact us.

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