Accelerating Research on Vitamin D exposure in Chronic Obesity

Accelerating Research on Vitamin D exposure in Chronic Obesity


The client is a centre for nutrition, exercise, and metabolism from on of the UK’s top universities


Building and retaining a site-external patient registry for a longitudinal study on patients with obesity


Neucruit provided the clients team with access to a custom site-external patient registry     for obesity


Neucruit facilitated patient recruitment with a 94% reduction in outreach timelines. the Client has strengthened  their   research program

About the client

The client is a nationally recognised team seeking to understand the impact of nutrition and exercise on human physiology and metabolism, ranging from the prevention of chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes through to the enhancement of training and performance for athletes.

"Using Neucruit facilitated a 94% reduction in outreach timelines"

Using Neucruit to accelerate research 

The clients research group became aware of Neucruit through an academic research training network. One of the online sessions focused on the use of online communities to facilitate site-external patient recruitment.

The clients team began conducting research on vitamin D status on the metabolism of patients with chronic obesity. 

Neucruit was able to provide a site-external patient registry of men and women with BMI >25 between 25-60 that fulfilled the clients eligibility criteria to take part in their 12-week randomised controlled trial.

About Neucruit

Neucruit is a global platform that uses real-time data to help biopharmaceutical companies, site teams, and investigators enhance clinical research planning and delivery through intelligent analytics on the patient journey. Furthermore, Neucruit combines unique patient insights with longitudinal clinical data to optimise site selection patient recruitment and gain insights that can’t be easily accessed through traditional methods. If you want to know more about us and our work, please contact us.

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