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Patient Led, Data Driven

We bring the right people to the right clinical trials using an intelligent, digital platform for efficient, accessible, and diverse patient recruitment.

What Neucruit Provides

The Dashboard

Maximize visibility with a single-source-of-truth for your patient recruitment. View advanced analytics on reach, conversion and demographics to optimize for efficiency, transparency and diversity.

Patient-Centric Design

UI/UX tested designs with patients, optimized for understanding and conversion. No coding or HTML required.

Integrated Outreach

Easily integrate neucruit with social platforms and apps on the web. Grow beyond traditional recruitment and expand outreach. Do more, faster.

We're redefining patient access.
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What They Say About Us

Our Services

Social Listening

Insight-driven, targeted social media marketing campaigns and study micro site A/B testing automatically redirects to the highest converting micro-site.

AI Outreach

We use social listening to identify, locate and characterise the target audiences, and the kind of language they use to discuss their disease area

Patient-led Prototype

Patient-led prototyping of dedicated research microsites with input from a patient focus group

Client Dashboard

Our client dashboard allows for precise tracking of patient recruitment and conversion data, allowing for campaign optimization in real time

Case Studies

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