Project Management

Our project managers are 100% customer-focused and will build the optimal team for your trial. We provide weekly analytics reports to give you detailed insights into campaign progress and performance, and also recommendations for optimisation

Further outreach employing conversational AI technology complements the social media marketing campaigns by engaging patients when they are at their most active

Keeping the study on top of mind by maintaining engagement. Sending communications with patient-relatable content via calls or emails to eligible participants

Custom-built study micro site with built-in pre-screening capability so that only eligible patients are passed for screening

Cloud based client management dashboard for maximum performance visibility acting as a single source of truth for your patient recruitment metrics

Our Team

A dedicated team of expert clinical trialists, designers, and engineers support your project launch. Our knowledge and experience of patient recruitment allows us to truly understand your needs and create a roadmap that will enable you to easily meet or surpass your enrolment targets.

We follow a tried and tested process to develop a simple, effective roadmap tailored to your needs for project planning and execution. We start by identifying the patient communities that best fit your study needs. Then, by developing micro study sites and campaign materials, we maximise patient engagement by launching your campaign on the social media platforms where your patients are most active.