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Cultivate loyal communities

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Engage community leaders, patient advocates and key opinion leaders to reach established patient groups and minority populations.

Our Therapeutic Indications

We operate across a wide variety of therapeutic indications spanning from central nervous system diseases to digital therapeutics

Anxiety Disorders
Dependence Disorders
Chronic Pain
Migraine Disorders
Neurodegenerative Conditions
Sexual Disorders
Type II Diabetes
Early Screening & Detection
Digital Diagnostics
Digital Therapeutics
Precise patient identification
Neucruit leverages real-time data from over 25 million data points combined with machine learning to identify patients globally and create intelligent connections that meet your complex needs.
Faster, patient focused trials
Find qualified patients faster. Run complex clinical trials faster and on time and on budget with scalable, accessible and transparent patient recruitment and engagement solutions.
Remove engagement roadblocks
Streamline recruitment with intelligent insights, assessing real-time data to identify and address engagement roadblocks.
Increase site team productivity
Foster effective recruitment with communication and collaboration tools. Assign tasks, prevent redundancies, approve content and prioritize messages using processes tailored to your site team.
Reach established micro-communities
Increase visibility by opening new channels of communication with community leaders, patient advocates and key opinion leaders to engage established and minority groups.
Leverage consumer tech for clinical research
Neucruit builds on real-time brand monitoring and social listening tools in consumer tech, to discover deeper insights and drive better strategies in clinical research.
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with AI

Optimising clinical trials with AI whitepaper

Download our "Optimising Clinical trials with AI" whitepaper to see how our data-driven patient recruitment strategies can optimise the clinical research process

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